3 of 365: Wanna-be Copywriter

Many years ago I was keen on becoming a copywriter. One Saturday, there was a wanted ad in the paper (yep, that’s how long ago it was!) for said position. The ad simply read, ‘more words needed’. So I took that literally and made up a few of my own:

  • Coko: Chocolate flavoured cola
  • Crowebar: Where Russell enjoys a good fight!
  • Existenchal: Living a life that stinks
  • Gooru: A sickly sweet spiritual leader
  • Jerryatrics: Same old theatricals on the Springer show
  • Oscargot: The music that starts up to cut off a long, slow acceptance speech
  • Surfbored: Anyone who’s tired of the internet
  • Titonic: A glass of ice water
  • Volvoline: Oil used in Swedish massage
  • Xenaphobia: Fear of Warrior Princesses.

I never heard from the agency. Not sure why?!


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