8 of 365: Blogging on Blogging

Blogging is weird. From a place of relative anonymity, us bloggers sit at our keyboards and punch out a pile of words we hope will get read. We think we’ve got scintillating things to say and that the masses will be fascinated by us and hang onto our every word.

I fear we are sadly deluded.

The cyber-world is flooded with words so people don’t really read much anymore – they skim. The written word no longer inspires awe and it is no longer taken in and digested the way it used to be.  We haven’t got time. By the time we’ve gone through our emails, checked out Facebook, tweeted, surfed the ‘net, watched a few YouTube things, and written our own blog – we’ve got no time left to read random things by random people.

A good number of bloggers seem to be aspiring authors who hope their blog will get them noticed and instantly published. This will naturally lead to a best-seller, a prize of some kind, a movie deal and, of course, inordinate wealth. I’m not having a dig, because I’m included in this. Ever since I started trying for an agent and to get published, I realised just how many others are doing the same.

But you stand a better chance of the above happening if you follow the rules around being a good blogger. You’re encouraged to read other blogs, share them, like them, comment on them and, if anyone comments on yours, it’s expected that you’ll reply to each and every comment as a friendly gesture to keep people on-side. Are people so desperate for acknowledgement that they would dump you like a sack of crap if you dared not reply? If they genuinely like your blog, would they refuse to read it anymore because you didn’t give feedback on the feedback? That’s a never-ending loop of ‘thanks’ and ‘you’re welcome’s’ right there! And you thought you were time-poor before!!

I think the most we can hope for is an audience of one – usually a well-meaning rellie! But sometimes the audience comes. So might as well keep on doing this weird blogging thing because a million readers are potentially just a mouse-click away.


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