13 of 365: Mornings are for the birds!

Some mornings I wake up tireder than when I went to bed! I can barely open my eyes, my head is a lump of lead, and I don’t feel even remotely rested or refreshed. And when I feel like that, I struggle to get out of bed and get moving.

I’m not a morning person. Never have been. I struggled terribly as a child getting up for school and I yawned my way through my first job. When I took some time off to write full-time, I worked until the early hours of the morning and slept ’til midday. That seemed to suit me. (Probably because I was doing something I loved!)

This world is designed for morning people. I bet the likes of Richard Branson, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates are morning people. They’d spring out of bed, full of the joys of life, and just hit the ground running. It would be interesting to get the stats on the sleep preferences of our most successful people.

I drag myself up, moaning and groaning, and it takes me at least an hour to start feeling human. And It’s not until several hours later that my haziness fully lifts and I can be  productive. And some days I drag my heels all day.

I have tried to be a morning person. At night, I tell myself I’m going to get up early and go for a walk before work and do this and do that, but the reality of the morning re-writes the story. My body and head are just not interested.

I wonder if business people are more oriented towards mornings, and artists to the night? It would be interesting to get the stats on that.


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