17 of 365: The long and short of it

Seems I love the sound of my own keyboard!

When I first started to blog, I vowed I’d write short ones because who’s got the time or the inclination to be reading long ones? (See blog ‘8 of 365’ for additional thoughts on that.) Short, sharp and shiny was my mantra. A mantra that was never actually put into practise, I notice!!

So, I was thinking to myself today, ‘I’m going to do a series of blogs of 100 words. I will be a much more reader-friendly blogger’.

Then I thought, ‘Why do you do this? Why do you feel you have to limit yourself? If someone reads the first 2 lines, then skims to the end, so what. You do that all the time yourself.’

And then I realised that I don’t do that all the time. If I come across something that genuinely engages me, I read it in its entirety. And I’m sure the same applies to the masses out there in cyber-land.

People will either read every word I write, or they won’t. I can’t control that and I certainly can’t guarantee that even a blog of 100 words would get fully read. So I’m just going to carry on and write each blog in as many words as it takes – be it 10 or 10,000.

My new mantra: I will not limit myself.

And yep, there is a double meaning there.


2 thoughts on “17 of 365: The long and short of it

    • I hear ya! I’m mostly the same. But I guess we can never know what the preferences of the other 7 billion people are! xoxo PS – you’re not lazy – just busy! 🙂

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