21 of 365: World War Enough!

I was staring at the TV thinking that I’d better come and do my blog but I didn’t know what to write about. My partner changed channel and landed on yet another doco about World War II. I stood up and said, “There have been more hours devoted to Hitler and WWII than hours in the actual war itself! I think I’ll blog on that.”

WWII has been dissected and examined from every angle, and in the minutest detail. And as if 7,000,000+ hours of the daily habits of a raving lunatic, the ships, planes, tanks, machine guns, footwear, and jacket buttons of everyone involved wasn’t enough, now they’ve examined the war from the angle of the weather!!! That’s the series I’ve just walked out on – how the weather changed the war!

If as much time, effort, expertise, analysis, and money had been poured into the real world of the here and now, we could have:

  • Cured all manner of disease and ailments, solved world hunger, achieved world peace, provided permanent clean water supplies to drought-ridden countries, eliminated poverty, provided education – which would have the flow-on effect of slowing the population growth to sustainable levels, ended oppression, fixed global warming, replenished our badly depleted soil, provided homes and health-care for everyone, eliminated obesity, renewed and enhanced habitats for our non-human friends, saved the coral reefs, saved the oceans, figured out how to clean up oil slicks, figured out how not to spill oil into our waterways in the first place, fixed our energy crisis and dependence on crude oil, and ended unemployment.

But no. Considering the Second World War from ever angle conceivable is much more important.

What’s next – A 26-part series on Hitler’s belly-button lint collection!


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