22 of 365: Happy Birthday, Lauren

My niece, Lauren, is 20 today. And in her 20 years, she’s seen more of the world and connected with more people than I have in my nearly 49.

She’s a model, and at the moment she’s in London. Soon she’s off to Milan for 3 months. Last year she was in Hong Kong.

Lauren is successful because she never compromised on what she wanted. But more importantly than that, she was always fully supported in her choices by her parents and extended family.

When she was at school and the inevitable career question arose, Lauren would calmly state that she was going to be a model/actress. The teachers rolled their eyes and scoffed and tried to make her conform and choose more ‘realistic’ things. Luckily she didn’t let them get to her and wear her down.

This is how dreams are destroyed. By people who tell you that your choices are too difficult to achieve so settle for a safe, easy option.

The people who matter to Lauren, never told her she couldn’t do it. She was encouraged to work to her strengths and find her passion. And her career wasn’t handed to her on a platter either. She has taken a lot of knocks, but she just got back up, dusted herself off and kept trying. They say faith will move mountains. Believe it!

And not for a single second does she rest on her laurels. She works really hard to always grow and evolve and further her career. She’s got very specific goals she wants to meet, and I know without a doubt she’ll meet them. She is committed and focused. And that’s how people succeed.

People are dying a slow death every day, working jobs they despise and that bring them no joy because they allowed someone to quash their desires and convince them their dreams were impossible. No wonder depression is rife.

Imagine if all the artists we know and love had decided that it was too hard to succeed in their chosen fields so they stopped trying and just took the first job that came along. The world would be a poorer place, that’s for sure. All those songs and stories and images we’d never get to enjoy. All those ways we analyse ourselves via art. It would be a tragedy of Greek proportions!

I’m glad there are people like Lauren out there because they show that anything is possible. And I’m even gladder that people like her parents (my sister and brother-in-law), are out there too because they show that with love, support and an unerring belief in the choices, skills, and abilities of their child, everything is possible.


2 thoughts on “22 of 365: Happy Birthday, Lauren

  1. Thank you so much little Aunty Jayne!!!! What a lovely post 🙂
    And I read all of it by the way 😉
    I’m so grateful to have family like you in my life.
    I believe in you too with everything! Remember my tarot reading for you 😉
    Love youuuu! Keep fighting for EXACTLY what you want!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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