24 of 365: Hello, this is your Past calling …

I thought blogging every day would be easy. I’ve always got plenty to say and I don’t mind saying it. But I’m discovering that a lot of the chatter in my head is about things I wish I’d said in particular circumstances, or I’m often preparing a potential response to something that may or may not get said to me. I dredge up a lot of my life and use my words to try and fix the things that tend to still haunt me.

We’re often told we should be in the present moment, but it’s hard. Our past is just a second away. What I said 5 minutes ago is now in the past, but my words can echo in the mind and heart of someone forevermore.

The past refuses to stay anchored. It travels with us whether we invite it along or not. And I think it comes along with us so if we find ourselves in situations we’ve previously experienced, we can look back at it and decide if we’re going to do the same thing or take a lesson and do things differently.

The past is integral to our evolution. If we had nothing to learn from, we’d never grow. If we had nothing to improve on, we’d never evolve.

I say we need to bring our past right up alongside us and embrace it with love. If we are to be tethered to it, let it float along with us rather than be dragged behind us, for this is what weighs us down. All the effort to keep it at a distance serves only to slow our progress.

The past is not the enemy we think it is. It is our greatest friend and teacher and it is our best chance of being the best version of ourselves that we can be.

The past calls to us for a reason so sit and have a chat with it. It may prove to be the most interesting discussion you’ve ever had!


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