25 of 365: Wise words from my Nephew

My 22 year old nephew started a blog because he had an urge to get something off his chest. Near the end of the blog he says it will be a regular thing but, alas, once he’d purged, he no longer felt the need to blog any further.

So what was bothering him so badly that he took the time to set up a blog?

Well, he was annoyed that everyone he spoke to pretty much used the same 3 words to describe any and all things – good, awesome, excellent.

Below are his feelings, wonderfully articulated. I’m re-blogging it because it’s exc … er … superlative 🙂

Written: Friday, 25 October 2013

Same Words, Different Day.

All of a sudden, it seems like the conversations I have with people resemble 95% of those I’ve had previously. Largely, I think it’s the vocabulary and a low-level of creativity subordinated for laziness.

You know when you yawn, but you’re not tired? That’s me, mid conversation, these days. It has become a challenging obstacle. All because someone says, “I’m good, how are you?” (YAWNN!) rather than, “Convulsing with elation. You?”

It’s not just speaking, either. I cringe like a grandma in lemon juice when someone texts back to a suggestion of mine with, “Ok.” Is it too hard to say, “Stupendous thought, my attractive compatriot.”

Hey, draw your eyes parallel to my fuzzy new dog. “Oh yeah, he’s cool.”

He’s cool!? If you had followed that with, “He radiates the eudemonia of a frolicking harp seal,” you might have been cool too.

Presumably, only a scant minority of thesaurus junkies would be this hard to please, probably less. But I think we all might enjoy some more diversity. I don’t mean to portray my disdain for prosaic deliveries of words in a derogatory manner. I’m just bored, you know? A little stimulation never went astray.

There are a plethora of verbally creative opportunities to take a hold of during the day. Make that your daily mantra. Avoid being lazy too. Superfluousness is a small price to pay for a sweet convo. It won’t even be a convo anymore but, instead, an epic display of words illuminating life in all those lucky enough to be in your immediate vicinity.

Envisage yourself stringing out responses like the ones above on Saturday night. I recall an expression that directly and undoubtedly applies to this context: “Bitches be crawlin’.”

So, vocalize against the monotonous rhythm of contemporary day to day communication. You deserve better. Especially on Facebook. OMG.

Extending from the rant above, I want to use this space to be creative with words, and have those less often used be the cynosure of these efforts. (See what I did there with cynosure!) In other words (lol word pun), I’m writing random stuff about weird words, and weird stuff about random words. I also look forward to including the recollections of accounts where this concept was applied in real life … That could get interesting.

Who knows what this will emerge as? Its evolution is open-ended. I encourage you to adopt this practice and hopefully produce from it, great entertainment. Imagine if people actually started buying into this lexical fetish. The world would be ridiculous, but interesting. 🙂

This is also clearly an excuse to exercise my own vocabulary. Happy rhetoric 🙂


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