27 of 365: Size doesn’t matter

Women’s brains are smaller than men’s!

This was declared many years ago. I think it was some kind of scientific declaration so it made the statement respectable and one to be thrown up as needed in any gender conflict.

I don’t know how many millions went into this earth-shattering research, but I could have told anyone that for free.

How? Just by observation, of course. Physically, women are generally smaller all over. We’ve got smaller hands, feet, skeletons, heads. If our skull is naturally smaller, then of course our brain will follow suit. It needs to fit into our cranium. If it was too big it would spill out through our ears and that’s just unpleasant for all concerned.

So if a woman’s brain grows enough to fit all snug and cosy inside her smaller skull, a man’s does the same for his larger noggin. I once knew a guy who had a massive head. You could fit 20 kilos of spuds in his hat! Imagine a woman’s brain inside his skull. It would be like a peanut rattling around inside a coconut!

Unfortunately, many people used this ‘smaller brain’ news to suggest that this makes women somehow inferior. I’m not sure why? I don’t remember anyone suggesting that it hindered a woman’s intellect, her sense of reason, logic, and capacity for higher thought, her dexterity, her ability to multi-task, learn grow, and evolve, her capacity for creativity, or ability to dress herself in the morning.

I’m willing to bet that on a skull by skull, brain by brain basis, there’s not that much difference between the size of male and female brains when apples are compared with apples.

The science of it all is moot anyway because as any man will tell you – it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it that counts!


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