31 of 365: I ♥ the Internet

One month down, 11 to go!

I’ve managed to post a blog every day for a month. There were many days when I thought, ‘I can’t be bothered’, but because I’ve numbered the posts it will be almost impossible for me to miss doing one because my anal nature won’t let me skip a day! Damn my OCD!

My daily posts have made me wonder – can the internet get full, like a hard-drive can get full? The number of new things that get added to the internet everyday must be mind-boggling. How does it all get stored, and will the storage run out? Surely there’s a limit?

Imagine if the internet developed an intelligence. It would quickly realise it was a dumping ground for all manner of crap and probably fry its own circuits.

I seriously doubt people could cope if the internet ceased to exist. From where would we buy our books?

Now that it’s a huge part of our lives, what would life be like without the internet?

For me – I’d miss emails and the convenience of submitting electronically to agents and publishers. I’d miss all the funny cartoon things that get sent around Facebook. I’d miss being able to stay connected to my non-local family and friends. I’d miss the ability to Google pictures and quotes and information. I’d miss downloading music. I’d miss the immediacy of everything.

The internet pretty much rocks. I hope it never gets ‘full’.


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