32 of 365: Yummy Mummy

‘Yummy Mummy’. A neat little tag used to describe famous women who return to their former glorious self just moments after giving birth. Or at least, that’s what the gossip media like to have us believe.

They publish photos of these women looking slim, fit, and toned and question how it is they regained their figures so quickly. Then they bitch about them and say that these women make the average mum look and feel bad because many of them still look pregnant a month after delivering. Celebrity mums set unrealistic expectations and are mean for doing that to Ms. Non-Celebrity. How dare they!

What the horrendous gossip media refuses to acknowledge, or maybe even realise, is that these celebrity mums were slim, fit, toned, and healthy before they got pregnant. They maintained their health and activity levels during their pregnancy and put on only baby weight so, after the baby was born, taking all its weight with it, their body quickly returned to its previous size and shape. It’s not rocket science!

My sisters were slim and healthy before, during, and after their pregnancies. They breast-fed, which made their bodies recover even faster, and they were back in their normal clothes in no time.

What needs to be realised is that women who don’t look like celebrity mums after giving birth, didn’t look like them prior to getting pregnant. If a woman goes into a pregnancy overweight and unfit, eats ‘for two’ for nine months, stacks on an extra 20+ kilos of non-baby, then it stands to reason that she’s going to struggle to drop the weight later.

Yummy Mummies are women who look after themselves before, during, and after pregnancy. They are not an anomaly and it is not a phenomenon reserved only for celebrities.

And really, it is not even a thing that should be ‘a thing’. They’re mums. No adjective needed.


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