33 of 365: Feeling hot, hot, hot

Right now, in Adelaide, South Australia, it is so effing hot, I can’t think straight. I hate the heat. It’s oppressive. It makes my head foggy and my body swell. I expand and virtually broil in my own fluids. It ain’t pretty.

There’s an idea in Spirituality that before we are born we choose our parents, our physical body, our economic circumstances, our skills, abilities and talents, and lessons to learn, amongst other things.

So I sit here in this never-ending heat and wonder why the hell I chose parents who would move from a cold country – England – to one of the hottest places on Earth – South Australia! And that, into the bargain, I’d choose a body better suited for the Inuit climate!

Clearly I did not think this through very well when I was patiently waiting to be reincarnated. Did I think, ‘You’ll be right. You’ll adapt’? If I did, the lesson I have learned is not to listen to myself because obviously I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

I have lived here for 42.5 years, and I still haven’t adapted. If Charles Darwin had come across the likes of me on his travels, he would have observed nothing of note and died in obscurity!

My DNA consists of hundreds of generations of cold-weather people. To place me in an environment I have no cellular tolerance for is like popping a freshwater fish in the ocean. It’s not going to end well!

I say, bring on winter. For me, it’s easier to warm up than cool down!


4 thoughts on “33 of 365: Feeling hot, hot, hot

  1. I can see you are not impressed! Well, who would be with this weather. I find it very difficult also and much prefer the cold. There is always a positive in any situation, as much as I love some parts of England, I do believe we have a better life here in Australia. Amazing how we build up something we haven’t got and the reality isn’t like that at all.

    • I know we’ve got it good here … if only it didn’t get so hot! Unfortunately 25C is about my limit! Maybe I should have just chosen a hot-weather friendly body, then I’d be too busy at the beach to whinge in a blog! 🙂

  2. It’s certainly been a stinker today – 44C is over the top for those of us who don’t mind the heat. Even my dog found going for a walk too much today and that’s a first!

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