37 of 365: All fired up

Blogging every day has made me realise that unless I’m stirred up by something, I’ve actually got nothing to say! Is this how everyone is? Do we have to have drama to provoke us into action; to keep us stimulated and engaged?

It would certainly help explain the success of reality TV shows and why the producers insist on making every tiny thing an over-blown drama. “She used my hairbrush.” “That bitch. Let’s go and rip her hair out.”

Clearly the producers understand what ‘activates’ people. These shows and their petty conflicts drive me insane. They irritate me to the point of despair and murderous inclinations. I can’t even watch the adverts without yelling at the TV.

But right there, the show has triggered my brain into a highly excited state. Moments before I could have been half-asleep. Suddenly I’m alert and bright-eyed and thinking of all the things I’d say to those people if I were there. I’m ranting and raving in an articulate, sharp-minded, energised way.

My irritation makes me creative. It makes me want to write great tomes on everything that’s wrong with the world and the people in it. Adverts also have the same effect.

We’re continually encouraged to be nice and kind and peaceful. I used to think that would be the best thing to happen to us all. I think now, though, that we need something to rage against.

The best quotes that we all so love to share around Facebook were said by someone who was countering something that annoyed them.

Some of the greatest art and the greatest changes we have seen in the world were created from the greatest darkness so maybe it’s not a bad thing to have something to arc up about. After all, an irritated oyster creates a pearl.


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