41 of 365: Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter ‘C’.

I was looking up a word in the dictionary and spotted this one:

contumely: n., pl. –lies. 1. Scornful or insulting language or behaviour. 2. A humiliating insult. – contumelious adj.  – contumeliously adv.

I have never heard this word used. Considering its meaning is something that happens quite a lot, why don’t we hear it bandied about a bit more?

How would you use it? “She was known for her frequent contumelies.”

No wonder it’s not in common use. Too fucking hard to use the bastard thing in a sentence!!


36 of 365: Writer’s Block

I’m sitting here wondering what I’m going to blog about and my brain couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss. It’s not interested in providing me with any material. It’s making no effort to be funny or clever or insightful. It just wants to sit quietly and get all meditative.

Can’t fight the brain so Om outta here!