47 of 365: Hockey – Street and Ice

I caught the penalty shoot-out of the Olympics Ice Hockey match between Russia and the USA. I quite like Ice Hockey. It’s fast. As I was watching, I remembered when my partner and I used to play street hockey. We’d pop on our roller-blades, grab our street hockey sticks and ball and just race up and down the road in a frenzy of bumping bodies, tangled limbs, clashing sticks, and knocking knee-pads. We lived in a dead-end street at the time so we didn’t have to stop for traffic.

It was some of the best fun we ever had. And it gets you fit too!

I got my roller-blades out of the cupboard a couple of months ago with the intention of going to our local tennis court for the purposes of getting some exercise. I’d love to play hockey again but my partner has had shoulder surgery and his left knee is a bit dodgy after a motorbike accident, so he can’t play hockey at the moment.

The roller-blades made it out of the cupboard, but not out of the bag. I look at them guiltily each time I go into the spare room.

But the Ice Hockey has inspired me. So maybe, just maybe, they’ll find their way back onto my feet!