15 of 365: Thank you for the Music

In 1977, I was 12 and in 1st year high school. Abba were the be-all and end-all and my friend and I loved them desperately. On the day they arrived in Adelaide for their concert, I arrived at school and even before I got to the gate, my wild-eyed friend rushed me and pleaded with me to go to the airport to meet them.

Hmmm. School or Abba? No-brainer. We did a quick about-face and scurried away before we were spotted going in a direction opposite to all the other students. We had no money and no transport so we had to walk all the way to the airport. All the way being a good 12 kms! That’s quite a hike for little legs! But the thrill of the adventure and sheer love of the Swedes kept our spirits high and a spring in our step. On the way we chattered excitedly about how we would meet Abba, they’d instantly love us, and immediately hire us as their choreographers. You see, we’d made up dances to each and every Abba song so we knew our stuff. We couldn’t miss.

We finally arrived at the airport and were surprised to discover other people had had the same idea as us! Along with hundreds of other screaming fans (although, we were by far their biggest!) we took our place behind the barricades. Their plane landed and to hysterical declarations of undying love, the objects of our affection disembarked. They gave us all a quick wave, and were promptly whisked away.

No way!! Over four hours of walking for a brief glimpse! And what about our dance careers? Dashed before they had a chance to begin. Sigh. But we were happy. We’d seen them in the flesh. It was enough to carry our tired selves home.

At the airport, I was interviewed by a local media personality – Steve Curtis – from a Channel 7 kids’ show and when I got home, I discovered I’d been on TV.

So that means … I was on TV with Abba!!


My friend’s humourless mother refused to write her a note for school, so she was given detention. My dad wrote a note for me. It said, “Please excuse Jayne for being absent yesterday. She walked to the airport to meet Abba.” On ya Dad!

My teacher looked just a little bit impressed.


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